Alexis Descomps (Dit Labadie)Mary Francis RobertJohn Baptiste CicotteAngelique Poupard (Poupart Lavoize)

Charles Descomps (Dit Labadie)Marie Anne Cicotte (Sicotte)

Francis (Frank) Labadie

l i n k s
Children with:
Susan Cicotte
Sarah Keigly

Charles Labadie
Charles(1) Labadie
Angelica Labadie
Adelaide Labadie
Peter Labadie
Anthony Labadie
Mary Labadie
Infant Labadie

Frank Labadie Jr.
Mary Cora Labadie
Edward B. Labadie
Charles Licum Labadie
unknown Labadie
Lucian Labadie
Harmon Labadie
William Labadie
Ella Labadie
Fred Labadie
Earnest Labadie
Joseph Labadie
Francis (Frank) Labadie
  • Born: 2 MAY 1825, Michigan
  • Married 1858, Kansas Territory, to Susan Cicotte
  • Married to Sarah Keigly
  • Died: 27 MAY 1894, Pawhuska, Oklahoma

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