Zacharias (Zacharie) Chiquot (Cicotte)Marie Angelique GodfroyJoseph Poupard Dit Lafleur (Laboize)Marie Anne Agathe Reaume

John Baptiste CicotteAngelique Poupard (Poupart Lavoize)

Zacharias Cicotte

l i n k s
Children with:
Elizabeth Isaacs

Infant Cicotte
Mary Angelica Cicotte
Mary Catherine Cicotte
Joseph Baptiste Cicotte
Susanne Cicotte
Angelica Cicotte
Theresa Cicotte
Mathieu Cicotte
John Baptiste Cicotte Jr
James (Jacques) Cicotte
Francis of Assisi Cicotte
Louis Cicotte Sr.
Marie Anne Cicotte (Sicotte)
Edward Cicotte
George Cicotte (Sicotte)
Agatha Cicotte

Jean Baptiste Cicotte
Sophia Cicotte
Nancy Cicotte
Umelia J. Cicotte
Ursula Cicotte
Susan Cicotte
Zacharias Cicotte
  • Born: 17 FEB 1776, Detroit, MI
  • Married to Pesay-Quot
  • Married to Elizabeth Isaacs
  • Died: 1850, Detroit, Michigan

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